"This book is full of heartfelt, life-changing, and life-saving information that should be read and embraced in every African-American home. I salute and celebrate Lottie Perkins for enlightening and bringing our people to a place of higher understanding that we should not "EAT TO DIE"  - rather "EAT TO LIVE." Pamela Milligan-McGee, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Listen to Dr. Lottie's  personal message about what inspired her  to  write a transformational book that urges African-Americans to change their attitudes about health.


Eating to Die:

Changing African American Attitudes About Health

 African Americans are dying younger than any other ethnic group because of unhealthy lifestyles and diet. This reality so profoundly disturbed Dr. Lottie Perkins that she wrote this book to try to make a difference.

As a registered nurse and a certified natural wellness consultant, she has vast knowledge in traditional health, and holistic health.  She lives a holistic lifestyle of meditation, prayer, exercise, and healthy eating. Dr. Lottie shares her knowledge, insight, and personal experiences to help other African Americans make conscious lifestyle choices that will increase their quality of life and longevity.


“Lottie Mallory-Perkins has given us internal power and insight on how improper food choices, social habits, internal conflict, lack of self-control, preconditioned social behavior, and racial disparity in adequate quality healthcare are killing the African American Community at an alarming rate.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why Blacks "Do" Crack
  • How attitude shapes behavior
  • How to relax and reduce stress
  •  How to  move your body
  • How to eat to live

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 “Treat Your Body Like A Temple,” sets itself apart from any health book you have ever read. In this powerful yet humbling guide to optimal health, Dr. Lottie Perkins reminds us that God gifted our body to us at birth as a sacred, secure, and safe place to live; a dwelling that should be highly valued, and as such, entitled to love and respect.

Packed with inspirational stories, wisdom and spiritual guidance, “Treat Your Body Like Temple” teaches you how to distinguish between God’s healing foods versus the Devil’s killing foods, how to optimize your health by tapping into God’s natural resources, how to restore your health, God’s way, and most importantly, how to stop, be quiet, and be still, and live in gratitude.

 “It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to heal from a chronic disease, to maintain your health, or to prevent illness; it all boils down to how you view caring for your body,” says Dr. Lottie Perkins.

Dr. Lottie Perkins feels blessed to be alive, whole and healthy, despite her family history of preventable diseases. Her lifelong commitment to healthy living has proven to be an inspiration to all those she has touched.  Welcome to your Body, Mind, and Spirit connection.



Dr. Lottie Perkins

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